Friday, July 15, 2005

Truth and consequences

Do we really want a corrupt government in these United States of America? This is the question we must really face up to and answer.

Everyone knows President George Bush is lying.

Everyone also knows that he is a coward, afraid to face up to open and honest public questioning.

Everyone knows that Karl Rove is a scumbag piece of dung.

Everyone knows that Donald Rumsfeld is mean and incompetent.

Everyone knows that the Iraq war is an unprecedented disaster and had nothing whatsoever to do with fighting terrorism "over there".

Everyone knows this, even those who so adamently refuse to publicly admit these, not "Truths" that word has been so corrupted...Let us use a better word: "Facts".

So it comes down to this: We must want a corrupt nation. We must want to be lied to. We must want to walk around going "La, la, la, I can't hear you..." and pretend that America is still the "Home of the brave and the Land of the Free"

Well, I don't! I get angry everytime I see a Newsperson let one of Karl Rove's operatives tell a lie. America needs truth, and needs it now. Here is a truth:

Regardless of whether Karl Rove can be convicted of treason, he is still a traitor for lying America into a stupid war that his fellow neocons are incapable of managing.

Karl Rove then committed one of the lowest acts a man can commit. When Ambassador Joseph Wilson publicly announced that the President of the United States had lied in his State of the Union Address, Rove did not do the manly thing and confront Wilson with rebuttal evidence. He couldn't because it does not exist, we have learned. Wilson told the truth. The coward Rove couldn't face Joe Wilson. Rove could not face a man. He attacked a dedicated, hard working, honest and completely innocent woman instead. The fallout has been devastating to American Intelligence. By destroying the career of, not only Valerie Plame, but a large number of undercover operatives, Karl Rove committed treason against our Nation. But greater than that, he announced to the world that he, Karl Rove, holds personal standards of conduct that are unworthy of human society.

Now George W. Bush is an obviously incompetent President.There is no measure of his performance that anyone can point to that is good. He is too afraid to face the world without his dog, Karl. Bush will not fire Karl Rove because Rove will destroy Bush if that happens. What we have left is a nation corrupt at its highest level...I believe this corruption is unworthy of Americans and all they have faced with courage and pride up to this point in our county's history. We are at a decision point where we must decide and have the courage of that decision. If we accept corruption, then our country will have died.

I do not think we will. I believe in the courage of America.

I believe America is still the home of the brave!



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