Monday, September 11, 2006

Another Milk Bone Event

I think I've figured out the George W. Bush foreign policy...He's not pretending to be a president...He's pretending to be


See. he sits on top of his doghouse wearing the helmet, goggles, and scarf looking just like the fighters do in movies. Then he pretends to fly around after the Red Baron but the Red Baron always blasts holes in his dig house and gets away, and then our Snoopy President strikes a dashing pose, shakes his fist, makes a mean face, and shouts, "Curse you, Red Baron!"

But the truth is, Snoopy needs the Red Baron to get away.

This comic device was played out repeatedly in the funny pages for years, much to the delight of those with simple tastes in humor. The sight of Snoopy pretending to search for the Red Baron never wore thin, unlike the sight of George Bush pretending to search for Osama.

Like the Red Baron, Osama has to always get away, otherwise Snoopy, I mean George, will have to stop pretending he's a warrior protecting us from the terrorists. But it has become so predictable that even TV networks are having to help Republicans make stuff up in order to carry on the ruse. Isn't it odd how Osama releases a video tape at the perfect moments to scare everybody so George can strike a pose?

The only comic device that is more predictable is Dick Cheney showing up on Meet the Press the next Sunday. See, after George puts on his helmet and scarf and pretends to fight the Red Osama, we see the next comic frame in which...

The bald headed guy brings Snoopy his supper.

Good doggie, George...Good doggie.



"These days most agonizing about the state of America’s foreign policy is focused, understandably, on the new enemies we’ve made in Iraq. But let’s not forget that the perpetrators of 9/11 are still at large, five years later, and that they have re-established a large safe haven."

Paul Krugman


  1. Anonymous10:52 AM

    According to the formula, I guess this means that Osama will be caught or kiled shortly before the next presidential election?

  2. Cool extended metaphor. I always loved them. And thanks for the link.