Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Oooo! Republican going Down!

I know you folks are all excited about Tennessee politics, and have been amused to see our Senator Frist back the President on torture, but we have a real race to replace him and it's getting interesting. And Anyway, everybody knows Frist supports killing kittens and maiming horses so the torture thing is an easy step for him. This story is about the Republican Way. Not that outmoded old Truth, Justice and the American way...Nope. nope,'s "Truthiness, Just-us, and the Republican way.

From the Chattanoogan:

"As the Memphis Commercial Appeal has reported in two page-one stories, the key to the deal was the Corker’s administration approval of construction of an access road over the nature preserve, paving over the very conservation easement Corker was legally obligated to protect.

"Instead, Corker’s Osborne Building Corporation developed the land--while mayor - selling it to a shopping center developer in July 2003 for $4.7 million. Corker has released information showing he made more money while mayor than he did in the previous 24 years of his life -combined. "

That's nothing...Wait and see what'll happen if he gets to be Senator!



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