Thursday, September 07, 2006

Safe from...?

From RNC Chair Ken Mehlman's email yesterday...

...Americans now have the facts about these vital efforts to prevent future attacks. The terrorists in American custody are not just innocent bystanders. They are dangerous murderers who would kill again if set free. Take a stand and ensure our military and intelligence agencies continue to have every tool they need to fight this threat.

...Watch key excerpts of the President's address and write a letter to the editor on these important efforts to keep Americans safe...

George Bush's illegal secret Military Tribunals and illegal prisons were found to be...well...illegal!

The Bush Administration just got handed it's ears by the United States Supreme Court. Even after packing the Court with Scalia's and Thomas's they can't win a paltry little skirmish against the evils emobodied by the American Constitution. How dare those activist judges claim that The President can't make up his own laws, arrest people with his own police force, jail them in his own secret prisons in foreign countries (which until yesterday, as a matter of interest, he claimed didn't exist), try them with his own secret courts, and send them to Cuba?

How the hell do you make the case that the Constitution of the United States of America is...


Bush made a speech claiming that they had prevented "Major attacks" by detaining and "interrogating" these people. No specific "Major attack" details were given meaning there was nothing of the sort, but by golly they prevented these nonexistant major attacks by "interrogating" admissions and confessions out of those poor bastards.

I seem to recall about two thirds of the "murderers and evil doers" at Guantanamo have been released after it was determined that they weren't actually "murderers or evil doers" after all. At least three of them had confessed to crimes while being "interrogated" which is the Bush word for "tortured". These three turned out to be British Citizens who could not possibly have committed the crimes they confessed to while being "interrogated".

Torture is against international law and the law of the United States. The information obtained through torture cannot be trusted. Ask yourself if even you wouldn't confess to mutilating kittens if you had endured for hours "pain, equivalent to the failure of a major organ", "but not torture", as Rumsfeld's defense department puts it?

Torture is wrong for several reasons. We have signed International treaties saying we won't do it in order to prevent it from being done to our own citizens, but Bush has taken that protection away from us by his actions.

So now, we can't prevent it being done to our own soldiers, It doesn't give us useful information, so why does the Bush Administration want it done?


I think they are just plain mean!



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