Monday, September 04, 2006

Corrupt Bastards Club

I've been chastized for not being outraged enough to post to the blog last week. I've been busy with teenaged son duties, what with college and high school starting up, but I promise I've been outraged.

A welcome respite from that was a visit with my sister and her 2 1/2 year old daughter who turns out to be an excellent little human being in progress. I taught her how to make the "2" sign with her fingers. I showed her how, told her how, and explained the finer details of holding down the correct finger with the thumb so the others could stand up and be counted. Watching the face of a child as she figures something out is fascinating, as the abscence of guile clears the expressions and enlightens on the workings of her mind. She studied my hand, watched how the thumb was used, and after a half dozen attempts, held up a fine "2" sign. In minutes she was holding up both hands in Nixonian victory.

Just in case you think this is easy, try closing your eyes and describing the exact hand position for a "2" ...Now think about being a child and having all the ways of the entire world facing you as a learning task. Beautiful, isn't it? Like remembering one's own joy at learning to skip!


It appears that others have picked up on my indictment of the all people who wear the mantle of once proud Republicans as inherently corrupt in this election cycle. In another odd statement, a republican pollster says they should be indicted one at the time. Ok...I can live with that. It'll just take longer...

"Democrats are trying to indict an entire class of people, who happen to be called Republican candidates for Congress," said Glen Bolger, a Republican pollster handling dozens of House races. "We have to bring individual indictments with different cases and different pieces of evidence."

Indict 'em all!

The Republicans have even accepted their own corruption and wear it like a badge of honor. United States Senator Ted Stevens is the king of pork barrel earmarks in the Senate. His son has received millions from people his dad has done legislative favors for. The lessor Stevens had his offices raided by Federal agents looking for the hats with the team logo...

Among the items federal agents were searching for in Alaska legislative offices this week are hats or garments labeled “Corrupt Bastards Club” or “Corrupt Bastards Caucus,” according to the search warrant.


Being a Republican has become, in modern American life, essentially the same thing as being in organized crime. Tom Delay runs offshore child slavery, Ralph Reed coordinates gambling operations, Dick Cheney runs war profiteering, Donald Rumsfeld keeps the wars stirred up, and George Bush looks into the camera with a smirking countenence and says "We will not leave Iraq as long as I'm president"...and then gets on his bicycle and rides away to his vacation ranch while Americans and Iraqis die in ever increasing numbers.

There is an election coming. Will there be justice?



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