Thursday, September 21, 2006

Relax, Hugo...

UNITED NATIONS - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez took his verbal battle with the United States to the floor of the U.N. General Assembly on Wednesday

"The devil came here yesterday," Chavez said. "He came here talking as if he were the owner of the world."

Hugo Chavez is the democratically elected President of Venzuela. He got 70% of the vote in what international officals termed a "fair and accurate" election. "Fair and Accurate" are not terms used by International election officials when talking about the elections that put George W. Bush in power. So what does the Bush Administration do when the people of a sovereign nation fairly elect someone who actually cares about his people?

George Bush sponsored a military coup to take him out. I mean Venezuela is an OIL country, Dammit!

So the fairly elected people's choice for President of Venezuela got removed from office by George W. Bush...I'm sensing a pattern here...But Venezuelans have bigger huevos t
han Americans and they promptly got together and all went down to the Presidential Palace, threw the Generals out and put Hugo back where they wanted him. I think their exact words to George W. Bush were, "Screw you!"...In Spanish, of course.

Now Hugo has come to the United Nations as a candidate for the UN Security Council and says he smells sulphur around the podium where George W. Bush had spoken the day before. Well, friends, I know that we've seen right wing Christians praying to a cardboard cut out of George W. Bush, but the AntiChrist? The Devil? Let's not give old George more than he's due.

The Reason Hugo Chavez smelled sulphur after George W. Bush had left the building is well documented...Hugo just doesn't get George's fart jokes.

Neither do we, Hugo...Neither do we.



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