Thursday, September 28, 2006

Clinton Explosion

Most of you saw my high school friend George's comment on the Clinton interview. He sums it up nicely:

Just a little web surfing on the topic of Clinton’s focused, fact-based response to Chris Wallace shows how incredibly hysterical right wing supporters become when a few facts threaten their comfortable, propaganda-based view of the world. It looks as though Clinton is the devil to most of them. And I haven’t seen any respond to such simple, provable facts as that the same people who are now critical of the withdrawal from Somalia were demanding that Clinton leave 6 months before he did, and that they were ridiculing him for “obsessing” over bin Laden. Unlike the picture presented in the ABC movie about 9/11, these things are a matter of public record.

We only have to wonder why the rightwing republicans and their lackeys have to try so hard to obscure the facts in such a transparent and easily disproven manner? I think there are several reasons. Republicans are having trouble maintaining the anti-abortion and anti-gay fervor. This could have something to do with the fact that so many of them are gay, but at any rate they need new focal points for right wing hatred, and there's always Bill Clinton.

How dare he call the Fox News Department liars, regurgitators, bendovers and suckups, for the Republican party!

So here:

Keith Olbermann:

And finally tonight, a Special Comment about President Clinton’s interview. The headlines about them are, of course, entirely wrong. It is not essential that a past President, bullied and sandbagged by a monkey posing as a newscaster, finally lashed back.

Watch and/or read Olbermann's piece.



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