Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Religion Ain't Jesus

I borrowed glory today.

Our President claims to have found Jesus who saved him from a life of depravity, but in following his version of Jesus he's managed to get us into the stupidest war of all time. Even stupider, Bush is going to cover his mess with an even stupider war against Iran. if there is to be a world war three, we will have started it and we will be the loser. World opinion will not tolerate us as a militarisitc nation on a rampage. How in Hell does a man make the claim to be a follower of Jesus while he starts wars?

Frank Ranelli has a rant worth reading. Here is a snippet:

"Jesus taught an inspirational message that was contemptible to the Jewish priests during his time that all people were worthy of hope, prosperity, fairness, kindness and equality. Whether Jesus was a great man or divine being is irrelevant. He spoke the most basic truths about acceptance of one's neighbor and common humility. That if you were graced by good fortune, health and prosperity, to share it with your fellow man.

Jesus was the first real liberal who stood up to the Jewish priests, over 2000 years ago, against their corrupt temples and pilfering of money from Jewish peasants. He exposed their contemptuous hate of the commoner. Christ proved these crooked clerics were stealing from the impoverished to subsidize their own intemperance for greed and power. What Jesus had uncovered was an incredibly deceptive plan and an abhorrently insatiable appetite for money and control under the facade of faith.

Jesus wisely advised, to all who would listen to his simple but matchless wisdom, that everyone has significance and worthiness. That every human being is inevitably unrestricted in access to liberty and happiness, not just those chosen by corrupt, mortal dictators based on the size of your tithing to their coffers. Jesus' ultimate death was, in fact, a direct result of his imminent threat to the rulers of the day and a cautionary tale for the rest of humanity to come."

The entire piece is worth checking out...


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