Monday, April 28, 2008

The "Big Lie" and Canada

The Clinton campaign is dying the death of a thousand cuts, but it didn't have to be that way.

I'm used to politicians fudging facts and presenting their positions in the best light. That's just marketing and sales, but I have always been disgusted when marketing becomes falsehood, instead of creative truth telling.

"Clean Coal Power" is an example. Coal power degrades the environment from start to finish, no matter how you get it, transport it, and burn it. Then there's the left overs, which can be a fair sized problem as the squadron of bull dozers across from Kingston testifies. They are clearing a spot for a new mountain of coal ash beside Watts Bar Lake. If we made power and coal companies tell the truth, "clean coal" would be called, "Still pretty Dirty, but not as dirty as it could be, coal".

I went from "Leaning Obama but still considering Clinton" to "No way Hillary" as a result of one single event in her campaign. She told a big lie, got caught, and used the tactics that have disgusted me to the point of turning my stomach ever since Karl Rove rose to power...Accuse someone else of your lie.

Hillary Clinton said she was against NAFTA and had been all along. Canada, our biggest trading partner, was concerned. Hillary's campaign contacted the Conservative Prime Minister of Canada and said, "Don't worry, it's all campaign bullshit." Then they messed up and let it leak that the Clinton campaign had said that. What followed was an international incident committed by the Canadian government...They interfered with the American Presidential election by issuing a public statement accusing the Obama campaign of committing Clinton's crime, at the insistence of the Clinton campaign, it now appears.

It is this consistent pattern of dishonesty, getting caught, and blaming others, that is the tell tale sign that Hillary Clinton and her surrogates are not in this for the best interests of Middle Class America. We have Republicans to serve corporations and rich people, we don't need to elect a corporate democrat to replace a corporate republican, and if we just want to continue our abusive relationship with our government, why don't we just elect John McCain and let the creeps who run our country keep on doing it just like they have for the last 8 years and stay in Iraq forever? But, no! What we need is honesty and a leader who can point the direction out of this mess...A mess that Hillary and Bill Clinton enabled and now refuse to accept any blame for.

Here is an excerpt from a much more detailed report that doesn't damn Hillary Clinton with slight evidence, but a smoking gun:

"Regardless, it is striking that the person who tried to cover Clinton's ass on her NAFTA lies was the very one who actually headed the passage of NAFTA for the Canadian government. Now, much speculation has occurred as to what the Canadians' motives were in this attack on our candidate - the most popular being that being conservatives, they wanted to help the GOP by ensuring Hillary was the candidate since the GOP fear Obama more. I find this theory implausible.

I believe the evidence clearly shows that the Harper government believed that one, Hillary would win so they didn't want to make her an enemy, and two, they recognized that Hillary is the establishment candidate who most shares their agenda on free trade. Remember, the Canadians knew all along who was really posturing on NAFTA. And it wasn't Obama.

So, in conclusion, we have a situation where Canada's prime minister, his appointed ambassador to the US, and a top Canadian television network, all conspired to divert a would be scandal for Hillary Clinton onto her Democratic opponent Barack Obama."

The entire piece is emphatically convincing.

None of these people have any business being involved in the next Presidency of the United States...Not Canada...and now, as it has become so painfully obvious...Not Hillary Cinton.



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