Tuesday, April 08, 2008

McCain Stories

John McCain has a legendary temper, which is one way of saying he loses control and goes ballistic over basically nothing.

It's a pattern. Much like his womanizing is a pattern. I don't quite see the same pattern in his dehumanizing put downs of Cindy, his wife. After I read some of the excerpts from a new book about McCain, I have decided to forgive his wife Cindy for stealing prescription drugs from her charity. Being married to John McCain is excuse enough for anyone to want to escape reality.

I'm not posting any of the book quotes. Go read the review for yourself.

I do have to strongly question how out of control McCain gets over small slights. He seems to have little dog syndrome and is lucky he hasn't been squashed like a bug.


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  1. Anonymous12:15 PM

    His temper will be a big advantage for Barack if properly taken advantage of.
    We need people at the appearances to nip at his heels, like the guy that produced the "100 years" agitation.

    One of the things that soured Democrats on Hillary is her temper tantrums early on in the race.

    And yeah, I need drugs just to look at his face.