Thursday, April 17, 2008

That was no Debate!

I was surprised that Obama and Clinton let ABC anchorman Charlie Gibson get away with several out right lies in framing his moronic questions in the debate last night. I even found myself talking to the TV, telling Obama to call Gibson's sorry ass on this big lie,

"Given that every time capital gains taxes are reduced, revenues go up, will you swear, right now, not to raise capital gains taxes?"

That is simply a lie compounding a "gotcha" question. This is so ridiculous that the audience started booing the moderators by the end of the debate, with Stephanopolis saying to Gibson, "It seems they don't like us very much!"

My thought at the time was, "Well, Duh! Assholes." I've tried to think of a better way to phrase it but that seems to work best. Sorry if I offend.

It is time to stop allowing corporate media to destroy the electoral process. The bias drips off them like liquid stink and America is getting trashed in the process. What I would propose is that we go to a real debate format, with the candidates asking each other questions and maybe discussing things. I could see the moderators in a fact checker role and not much else. As it is, the moderators are worse than useless.

Kos points out that Charlie Gibson and George Snuffleuppagus failed to ask a single question regarding some fairly important subjects in last night's Democratic debate on ABC:

The financial crisis, The collapse of housing values in the US and around the
world, Afghanistan, Health care, Torture ,The declining value of the US Dollar,
Education, Trade, Pakistan, Energy, Immigration, The decline of American
manufacturing, The Supreme Court, The burgeoning world food crisis,
Global warming ,China ,The attacks on organized labor and the working class,
Terrorism and al Qaeda, Civil liberties and constraints on government

Oh, Well...Nothing important there.

What George and Charlie wanted to know about was "bitterness" and all it's glorious colors, which no one in PA seems to care about. (Even Clinton's attack ad had to bring in folks from New Jersey to say they were offended)

The bottom line on this is that Obama made no mistakes and Clinton, who told everybody, "Yes, yes, yes, Obama can win in November," will effectively drop out of the race after the Pennsylvania primary.




  1. Anonymous11:00 AM

    You are an idiot. Still.

  2. Last night ABC put two idiots in charge of what should have been an important pre-election moment in Pennsylvania. The digging through old and stale trash for the first half of the show and the fact that all except one tidbit found was thrown into Obama's lap was truly disgusting. It was an insult to the American people.

    No wonder Obama looked peeved. I was ready to call ABC myself and tell them to stop the biased bashing.

    The only good news was Obama's way of handling this kind of slime. He doesn't stoop. He doesn't attack back in kind. He remains presidential.

    It was an ill-conceived plan to either raise ratings through sensationalism or to bring Obama down. Instead the moderators embarrased themselves.

    This will go down in media history as the worst ever debate. Twice this week audiences booed loudly when this tactic was tried. So why do these idiots keep doing it? They are only hurting themselves.

  3. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Ah, I see an "Anonymous" assclown decided to remind us all as to exactly why Hillary Clinton has lost this primary.
    Keep up the great work, Clinton Groupies. With people like you around she's sure to lose her Senate seat to a real progressive as well. :D

    That was indeed not a debate, it was a Negro Roast. Clinton and ABC lacked only two details in this team effort...
    The noose hanging in the background and an audience stupid enough to fall for it.

    History will not be kind to Hillary and Bill Clinton.

  4. Hey cap, if you don't like the Clintons just say so; don't beat around the Bush. There are some genuine progressives though who think she might do a better job and have a better chance in the August - November timeframe.(Yes, that would be like me.) I don't mind a free for all right now and I think getting all the negs out now will help whoever later; but I hope that when a candidate is chosen everyone will pitch in and forget the past few months.

  5. Anonymous5:49 PM


    Problem is, Hillary Clinton's bullshit goes back a hell of a lot longer than a few months.

    She's not worthy of being president and she's done nothing but prove that again last night.
    Obama was my fifth pick when the primary started and I was railing against Clinton years and years ago.

    My problem with the Clinton's goes back long before I ever heard of Barack Obama.
    The Clinton's are part of the Bush Oligarchy and simply must go.

    The proof is self evident. Those that don't recognize it simply don't want to.

  6. Ok, Anon...I'm willing to accept the opinion that I am "an idiot, still" but you're going to have to back that up with something more than...well, calling me an idiot.


    I've made it plain that I support Obama, but that wasn't always the case. I was an Edwards supporter and then went for Clinton. Unfortunately, she lost me. I still think she would make a decent President but I've always thought she didn't really get it, and recent events have totally reinforced that thought.

    Cap Kon,

    WE mostly agree on everything but be nice. We must be gracious in victory. I want Hillary to learn from her mistakes and be a strong senator. Obama will need her.


  7. I was a Richardson guy before he fell out. I want to like Obama and may yet but I think he has been a little whiney with a thin skin and i think C. has the best chance in Nov. To me the important thing is not having a continuation of the last 8 years.
    BTW, I don't need nice just good discussion. Thanks for the thoughts cap.

  8. Anonymous10:59 PM

    nuthin' but love for ya, Terry.

    To me, and my view is one that at the risk of sounding arrogant, is long forged and well educated.
    Hillary is more of the Bush agenda. The DLC is the PNAC and the agenda is the same. More war, more poor Americans, more lies and more Fascism.
    A corporate whore is a corporate whore. No matter what political party they belong to.

    The single most important aspect of this election is removing the close knit, agenda sharing, Bush/Clinton family from the highest reaches of our government.
    There will be no future for freedom and prosperity in this country until that Oligarchical bond is broken.

    Richardson is a fine man. I too would have voted for him in an instant. Just look how the Clinton's treated him when they didn't get their way.
    Look how they treated Randi Rhodes, or the Dem base that wanted Lieberman out.
    That's how they treat everybody that opposes them. Remind you of anyone else?

    They're old news and stale views. Lies and manipulations. This nation needs them to be gone regardless of any risk that may be involved.
    Inexperience is better than self-serving, greed laden, blatant bullshit any day. Inexperience can be cured.

    Regards, and I mean it.