Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fourth Estate?

Barrack Hussein Obama will appear on Fox News (Now, actually), the interview has already been taped. My advice would have been to ignore Fox and its overwhelming tendency to distort facts and present opinion as news. Fox is simply fountain of conservative opinion, rather than a news outlet. In the teaser for the Obama interview they say they are going to question Obama about his double digit loss in PA, just so you'll have an idea how this will go. Obama did not lose PA by double digits...Clinton managed to salvage a 9 point margin, all that was left of her 20 point lead only a few weeks back. Obama says he wants to call Fox out, but we'll see.

Fox has the edit button. Think they are going to let anybody, even Obama, rip them the new one that they deserve? I doubt it.

Along the same line of thought, in a New York Times op-ed Elizabeth Edwards nails the Press for doing a lousy job. The NY Times is at least willing to allow criticism within its own pages, unlike Fox.

Fox seems to be the embodiment of Rupert Murdoch's preening ego and will not tolerate dissent.

Fox is "fair and balanced" doncha know?

So it comes down to this, ultimately...Will The Fourth Estate continue to abdicate its role in Democracy? It depends on whether we let Fox News continue to exist in its current form as an advocate for certain interests and not "We, the People."



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