Saturday, April 19, 2008

Road Trip

I'm headed out for the mountains so you guys will have to generate your own outrage and rant until I get back.

There's plenty of things to work with, like John McCain's plan to take care of high gas prices by eliminating the 18 cent Federal tax, which would reduce $3.49 a gallon gas to $3.31 a gallon gas...Yep! That ought to take care of it.

Here's a fun thing to do:

Try to get a republican to explain the supply and demand curve and its effect on cost. Listen for that moment of clarity when they try to tell you that reducing the cost at the pump by 18 cents will slow demand and drive down the $116 per barrel cost of crude oil.

When you get tired of laughing at that one, ask about starting a civil war right in the middle of the world's primary oil fields and why that is NOT responsible for driving the cost of crude up by 400% or so?

Then you can ask how it IS relevant that Barack Hussein Obama served on a panel for 16 hours a year and taught at the same university with a man who was involved in a radical 60's group but was never convicted of anything 40 years ago and is now a respected Professor?

And then you can ask why it is NOT relevant that John McCain's was involved with the Keating Savings and Loan scandle that cost taxpayers Billions of dollars in bailout money and got McCain his own personal ethics investigation?

There! That should keep you entertained until I get back.



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