Thursday, April 24, 2008

Campaign of the Living Dead

Let's see...Condi Rice got caught in another big lie, claiming she warned Jimmy Carter not to go talk with Hamas. Carter used very diplomatic language that I will rephrase and condense for you:


It ultimately boils down to a he said, she said, as to who you believe, so Rice lied. As a result of Carter's visit to Palestine, for which he was roundly criticized by yapping conservatives, Hamas said they would agree to a ten year cease fire and consider recognizing Israel's right to exist in return for consideration of a Palestinian homeland, This, of course, is a monumental breakthrough, which you did not hear about on Fox News. The owner of Fox News, Rupert Murdoch, is a Clinton supporter. Carter has said that he will not yet announce that he supports Barack Obama.

Let's see...NBC News got caught lying. Andrea Mitchell, who has a penchant for fudging things, said that Hillary Clinton's campaign is energized by her "Double-Digit" win in PA, and experts are wondering why Obama can't close this out? First of all, Clinton won by 9.4% which rounds to 9. How many digits is that, Boys and girls? And, really...The Experts would actually know that Hillary lost her 20 plus point lead in PA, which she held only a few weeks before the primary. Since she needed to win with 65% of the vote in order to close Obama's gap, Hillary, in fact, LOST the PA primary in the only way that really counts...By Double Digits!...The Hillary Clinton is the Presidential Campaign of the Undead.

Let's see...CNN got caught lying. Even on their website they show Clinton winning 55% and Obama 45% of the PA primary vote, only if you use their figures and do your own math, Clinton gets less than 54.5% which for 5th grade arithmetic students means a 9% difference.

So why is Big Media trying so hard to fudge things and keep this going? Ask yourself where all that money we contribute to candidates gets spent? And by the way...That $10 mil that Hillary says she raised after PA...Half of it will go to pay off Mark Penn, her campaign director she supposedly fired...and it may only be $8 million, anyway. Bottom line is that she's $40 million behind Obama and in the red.

The other bottom line is that the Corporate Media stand to make millions more by prolonging this campaign.

So with Obama needing less than 300 delegates to clinch the nomination, only 41% of what's left, gaining a Super delegate a day, and Clinton with a 54% disapproval rating nationally, Obama is clearly the winner and is clearly electable. (Obama only needs 43 super delegates to win, by the way)

For now, Obama has only one thing to deal with...The Zombie problem.



Let's see...Karl Rove got caught lying...No News there.


  1. Anonymous1:57 PM


    Jimmy Carter is smarter than this entire administration combined. In his sleep.

    Fun to see Madame Torture being called a liar and made to look the incompetent tool she is by the nicest guy to ever be president.

    I still think Condi looks reptilian in a way. Are we sure she's from earth?

  2. What, she's supposed to be from earth?

  3. Re captainkona & Terry Troll: Bwa-aaa-AAAAAA! From a friend of Susan (at