Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Morning in America?

Something interesting is happening in America.

I don't know for sure how infectious the change is but something new is going on in the American psyche...People appear to be thinking and speaking out...And, No, not just parroting the daily talking points.

There is a rejection of those talking points in fact. Former Attorney General John Ashcroft was actually booed by a nonpartisan crowd when he called Barack Obama, "Osama" and had to immediately apologize before he was devoured by an angry crowd.

Hillary Clinton tried to use the "bitter" plot against Obama in front of her own crowd and got...Well, they didn't actually razz her, but they did punctuate the silence with groans.

It appears that people are actually coming around to realizing that they don't have to be sheep led to the slaughter by brainless reactionary slogans and that those people who appear before us on the evening news are either extremely incompetent, intellectually dishonest, paid shills, or all of the above. When James Carville and Paul Begala have the sub label of "Democratic Strategist" on CNN, this is misleading,and in fact they are merely Clinton surrogates. They answer and inflame the false premise, "How elitist IS Obama?", when in fact, America has now listened to Obama's statement and finds that it isn't elitist at all, but merely sound judgement from a thoughtful Presidential candidate who doesn't seem to be willing to misrepresent reality in order to get elected.

And now columnists from small town PA are speaking out.

So, despite carping from Hillary Clinton and annoying yapping from her surrogates (really, it's like turning on the lights at night in a puppy farm), I take no offense.
What's offensive to me is suggesting that small-town, working-class, gun-toting and/or religious Pennsylvanians are somehow injured by a politician's words. ..
They're injured all right, but the injury is long-term and from lots more than "just words."

They've been injured from decades of neglect by political cultures in Washington and Harrisburg driven by special interests.
They're injured by a system of isolated, insulated political leadership that protects itself and the status quo above all else.

They've been harmed by a lack of political guts to fix a health-care system that works against the poor and forces middle-class families to pay more for less, while at the same time giving politicians the best coverage taxpayer money can buy.
They've been taken for granted by political parties and candidates who stay in power by - and this was the apparent gist of Obama's remarks - forcing attention and debate on issues tied to guns, religion and race (precisely because such issues resonate) rather than real problems such as health care and the economy.

They've been consistently made fools of by their
own elected representatives...

Dang! I might have written that myself!


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