Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No She Can't

Hillary jumped well under the bar.

Clinton won PA by 10%, and now she has to play that up to look like the tide is turning...Only it isn't.

She needed 65% of every primary vote cast and fell well short last night. In fact, Hillary Clinton is further behind today than she was yesterday even though she won. The spin being put on this thing is making me dizzy, with all the vapid yappers in the media. The simple fact is that Hillary Clinton is out of money, in debt, and further behind than ever before, since she went from needing about 2/3 (66%) of all the votes left to needing almost 3/4 (71%).

Pretty simple arithmetic.

Turning to a greater problem for Obama, it is worth noting that republicans have nothing whatsoever to attack Obama on and are now simply making things up, or blasting him for going to church, or lecturing at the same University that employs a man who belonged to a radical group 40 years ago. I've heard "Obama is a Marxist, as racist, an elitist," and the stupidest of all, "Obama is a weatherman."


Obama is Willard Scott!



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