Monday, April 21, 2008

Fiddle Heads

I am still amazed at Dupont Forest in NC. Here's a fiddlehead fern I found beside one of the waterfalls...


  1. Any idea about the edibility of those fiddleheads? The grocery stores in New England stock fiddleheads for a week or so each spring. I believe they were ostrich ferns, which are not common in the southern mountains. I've heard of people eating fiddleheads in the South as well, but I don't know which species or how much it matters.

  2. My LL Bean cook book says that all fiddle heads are edible, but I can't say that I've tested that statement. These were one of the large ferns that live in the wet zone beside a Southeastern river.

    I've eaten several varieties and I have to say that what we call a rattlesnake fern is a delicacy. It's just hard to get enough of them to make a serving, so you generally have to use them as a garnish.