Friday, April 21, 2006

His lips are moving...Again

Hard core Conservatives are so stupid, sometimes, I can't believe they remember to breathe.

How in the heck can 33% of Americans still have a positive opinion of George W. Bush or any other Republican, for that matter? Check out Mallard Filmore in the comics to see what republican humor looks like and you can see how gullible they are.

I was asked, yesterday, if there were any Republicans I liked and I said, sure...Barry Goldwater and Everitt Dirksen...And I should add that in retrospect, Dwight Eisenhower was a great man, even though he failed to stop the ascension of the corporatists taking over his party.

Republicans have gotten more servile to their corporate masters since those guys were around. War is merely a business opportunity and that's OK because no rich Republican children are going to get shot at, anyway. Halliburton misplaces more money than it would take to deal with the Mexican immigration problem and nobody mentions it.

(It's just bidness, you understand...No hard feelings. Sorry you guys gotta get dumped on. The President is in trouble right now...It'll all blow over after the elections and you guys can get back to work on trimming the shrubberries.}

And has one Republican told Cindy Sheehan they are sorry that they bought into the pack of lies that got her son killed?

George Bush lied to America and got us into war. Lied to me and lied to You...The bald faced lies are still up on the Whitehouse website and there's a reason. The Conservative base is so stupid and intractable...incapable of personal reason...that by continuing to tell the same old lie, conservatives think it is true.

Here is the White house web site in question...See how many lies you can pick out, boys and girls. See how you feel about the Bush Administration's justification for war now?

Whitehouse web site

Let's do this the easy way...Item one is partly true and item number 8 is completely true. the rest of the statements are essentially false.

But things went so well in Iraq that Bush is careening headlong onto a war with Iran, and it seems like nothing is going to stop him.

the Iranians don't want a war, by the way. They keep trying to talk about things with Bush, but a diplomatic solution doesn't serve their purposes...Which at this point boil down to preventing a Democratic takeover of Congress...the only thing that will prevent George bush from being impeached and thrown out of office.

Hey...Just so you'll know...The Cheney administration has an arms dealer friend on the ground in Iran to make sure that there are no secret communications between the United States Ambassador to Iraq and the Iranian government. Cheney and Bush seem to be doing everything possible to produce a war in Iran.

(Our Ambassador to Iraq turns out to be a really wonderful and wise man...How the hell did Bush appoint him? They're slipping...happened to Capone, happened to Gotti, happened to Hitler...They all mess up in the end.)




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  1. How in the heck can 33% of Americans still have a positive opinion of George W. Bush or any other Republican, for that matter?

    Of course, you already answered that yourself ... The Conservative base is so stupid and intractable ...

    I deduced the real problem awhile back - it's the autonomic nervous system. For without it, these people would be too stupid to breathe.

    I'm not sure the Democrats have done appreciably better with regard to serving corporate masters though - their subset is just different.

    The Republicans have made these people main stream - we're doomed. While Hannity doesn't even agree with this one - he seems surprised at the use of religion.

    This is what we get when power, ascension and access are borne of wealth and legacy rather than intelligence, integrity and hard work.

    Things are mighty bleak. In our elections this year we'll be yet another state to pass a constitutional amendment ensuring gays and lesbians have no rights - despite the fact that their marriages are already illegal - that wasn't good enough. I hope the Idaho electorate will surprise me but I won't hold my breath (well, of course, I can't -it's that autonomic nervous system).

    Give me a double - peace and courage.