Thursday, April 06, 2006

Vampire II

When I was a little kid, my Dad and Mom took me to the Drive in. Knowing what I know now, I suspect that they had been to the drive in on previous occaissions without me, but there I was in the back seat.

Up there on the big screen was an old house, all shadowy in black and white, and a Butler who kills someone who showed up at the door after having car trouble, and then the Butler cuts off the head of the guy he just killed and pours the blood into a coffin and this scary looking man in a tuxedo and a black cape morphs into being alive inside the coffin and the Butler helps the scary man to stand up and then you know the vampire has returned because nobody drove the right kind of wooden stake in its heart the first time around and now some people are gonna get their blood sucked until somebody shows up and does it right this time, and it's probably gonna be some guy in a grey suit who works hard in his government job and does it proudly because he is just that kinda guy and he'll save us all from the vampire in the end but it'll be rough and scary for a while, and I'm hiding in the floor of the car in the back seat by now and I don't ever know how the movie comes out but I think the good guys won, but I'm not sure and maybe one day the vampire will come back and there may not be enough garlic in the whole world to save us but we think things are ok and try to sleep for now but I'm not sure we can...

Allegorically speaking, the vampire is really the evil that resides in the human race. It lives in the big house and seems to have a lot of money and expensive things but it never seems to be happy unless it is sucking the life blood out of some poor soul who just needed some help with a flat tire...And it is because the Vampire never thinks it has enough money or silver candlesticks because, even though the Vampire has more than it can ever ever use, there are still silver things left in the world that aren't his and he wants them.

And the Vampire will always want things that don't belong to it. And the Vampire will always want more.

And the man in the grey suit will have to kill it again...and again...and order to save his Country.

And now you know why the little kid in the back seat didn't sleep well last night, because there's always some stupid butler around who is willing to serve the Vampire, and the only way to keep the Vapire from coming back is to kill the Butlers, too.

And that is why I am only partly happy about Tom Delay going down in flames. The Democratic party will dance around and be happy while the butlers of the world go about their business of serving evil and calling it good.

Vampires can't survive in the light of day. If you let the Butler keep you in the dark, you'll never kill the Vampire. Remember that as you watch the news. Ask yourself:

Who does this Butler serve...the Vampire? Or the light of the Sun?

So enjoy your celebration, progressives, but get back to sharpening those wooden stakes as soon as you can.



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  1. Anonymous2:36 PM

    White on black may look kewl but it makes reading difficult.