Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sunday Sermon

In the Genesis myth, God kicks Adam and Eve out of Eden for knowing too much. See, this talking lizard seduces Eve into eating a fig or some grapes, and the grapes are magic and they make Eve smart, only they don't really because she gives some to Adam so he gets smart too, and that wasn't real smart if you think about it.

Eve coulda had it all.

She shoulda stopped for a second and made a plan... See what happens when you don't make a plan? Eve got herself and her man kicked out of Paradise and that stupid Lizard became a quadruple amputee and gave a bad name to all his descendants who were forevermore called "Snakes".

It seems like Religion has been at war with knowlege ever since, and has acted as the Scotty McLellan for figs and grapes, blaming the whole incident on "Apples" which are from Tajikistan anyway, and are getting a bad rap from the FundXtians. (Islam blames it on bananas, did ja know?)

I blame it on the lack of a "Plan".

"So you're gonna get all this knowlege and you have no idea what you're gonna do after you get smart?" someone, maybe the lizard, shoulda asked Eve after a grape or two when she was only a little bit smart and before she ate so many that she got too smart for her own good and got Adam involved in the whole thing. The Lizard got burned, too, by this lack of planning, and has been dodging garden hoes ever since. Eve got Adam involved in a sewing operation to make clothes out of leaves after she pointed out to Adam that they were nekkid.

"I'll be Damned!" said Adam, in one of the great understatements in all of history.

I don't remember what the moral was supposed to be when they told me that story in Sunday school, but here's the one I've come up with:

"Knowlege isn't much good without a plan."

I keep hearing that the Democrats don't have a plan. Well, that's not true but wait just a minute...How about telling me what the Republican "Plan" is?

Ha, I thought so.

See, a "Plan" implies that some thought has been given to some imaginable "Future" and this "Plan" thing is the method by which we can achieve it. Here is the Republican "Future":

1."They" get filthy rich, mostly by stealing your tax money.

2. Everybody else works for sub-minimum wage to make "Them" happy.

3. The Constitution? What Constitution?

4. Put the United States so deep into debt that it can never ever recover.

I think that's about it...Everything else seems to flow from Republicans being able to do what they want, and Laws apply to everyone else.

Some DINO's (Democrats In Name Only, such as Joe Leiberman) think this is a fine plan.

Some others think that America used to be a force for Good in the world...They seem to like that idea and want America to be loved, once again, not just by the rest of the world, but by it's own people.

Howard Dean is the Chair of the DNC and has laid out an agenda that can do just that. Other Democrats are offering similar ideas. Dean's six point plan:

1. Raise the minimum wage
2. Create a fair system of government that serves Middle Class America, not just the rich
3. Reduce the power of Lobbyists, create a complete ban on lobbying "gifts"
4. Protect our ports, inspect all cargo coming into the United States
5. Fix Medicare
6. Transition out of Iraq, the greatest Presidential disaster in the history of America

Another Democratic plan :

(1) making college education affordable for every American;
(2) holding a summit to fix the budget;
(3) achieving energy independence in part by switching to a hybrid economy;
(4) creating an institute on science and technology to spur American innovation;
(5) universal health care.

And from John Kerry:

1. Tell the truth.
2. Fire the incompetents.
3. Find Osama bin Laden
4. Secure our ports and our homeland.
5. Bring our troops home from Iraq.
6. Obey the law and protect our civil rights

"Tell the Truth?"...What are they trying to do? Bring our system of government down in ruins? Well no, but they ARE trying to bring the NeoCon Republican system of controlling the United States government for their own purposes to an end.





  1. I blow both ways on Ford, but he's our best hope for a Democratic Senator. He's better than a lot of them. Rosalind Kurita dropped out. She's a wonderful person and would make a killer Senator. maybe we can get her in later on.