Monday, April 10, 2006


I can't find it...Looked all over but it just isn't there and I am really worried.

Where is America's Outrage?

President Bush is obviously lying...again.

"We are seeking a diplomatic solution...The only military preparations currently underway are normal defense activities."

We've heard this before.

The Bush Administration is considering a bombing campaign against Iran. They are also considering using the great abomination of our time, nuclear weapons.

Fellow Americans, there aren't any Iranians at the gates of America, and we can do plenty of uncalled for damage with plain old ordinary weapons of mass destruction that we already have loaded in the bomb bays of our tactical and strategic planes of war.

There can only be one reason Bush would consider starting another war in the most abominable manner possible...America has woken up to the Bush Administration as the great evil of our time.

But we aren't expressing it as we should. It is time!

It is time to be Outraged!

The investigations into the CIA leaks have narrowed to Bush himself. His leadership is not just inept but devastatingly destructive of everything that makes America America. Our economy is about to run up against the credit card limit, Bush has borrowed more money from foreign goevernments than all other presidents in history. Our schools are troubled. The environment is cascading into world crisis. The only thing rising faster than the cost of healthcare is the cost of secondary education, and Healthcare is a disaster.

The rest of the World now hates America, not because of what we are, so much, but because of what we are not, even though it is well within our power to be...The moral leader of the world.

We no longer stand for truth and justice and fairness. But we can...and we should.

It is time to be outraged, people. Now is the time for courage! Let your outrage be known. Let it be known that you think starting another senseless war would be moral suicide in the World's eyes.

And ours, too.



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