Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I have always said that the incentive to deal with impending environmental disaster never comes soon enough. The reason is because there are conservatives loose in the world. As a species, we will never do what must be done to prevent a collision course with climatic events...it would require too much personal sacrifice for too many greedy people.

I liken societies course to throwing a handfull of marbles at a knothole in a fence. The longer we wait, the smaller the knothole becomes and fewer and fewer marbles will get through to the other side. As small as it is now, that knothole is shrinking at an ever increasing rate as the climatic engine revs up in response to human activity.

We are the Stooges...loading a truck with stolen jugs of moonshine whiskey while it sits on the hill above the house containing everything we hold dear. Jug by jug, we load it well beyond the capacity of the parking brakes until the truck starts to roll, un-noticably slow at first then picking up speed, as the stooges whine and moan and scream as they watch in buffoonish horror as the truck crashes into the house, it's destructive force tragically magnified by the burden of cargo the Stooges couldn't live without.

I have a very low opinion of conservatives, as most of you know. They have an incredible capacity to lie, not only to others, but to themselves. Some of them are waking up, connecting a few dots, and crapping in their pants as they realize that "Liberals" have been absolutely right all these years. Why didn't they listen?

This from a conservative voice:

No serious person can deny the overwhelming scientific evidence that the world's climate is changing dramatically for the worse. Conservative skeptics, however, argue that the science isn't clear enough to pinpoint the degree to which human activity is responsible. Even if that were true, given the staggering magnitude of the stakes, it is wildly imprudent to wait for a level of certainty that may never come, or come too late.

Tim Flannery, an Australian scientist and former global-warming skeptic, says there is no way to account for the temperature rise outside of human activity. In his book The Weather Makers, Flannery writes, "Skepticism is an indispensable element in scientific inquiry, but when the intention is to mislead rather than clarify, we have not skepticism but deceit."

There's much self-deceit about global warming among us conservatives. To take this stuff seriously would mean confronting the fact that we cannot continue living as we like. It would mean dealing like grown-ups with the real possibility that we are condemning future generations to excruciating hardship because we refuse our duty to stewardship.

Well, Duh!...here's the rest:

USA today


  1. Conservative skeptic? Hmm..there's an interesting thought.

  2. Yeah...Wierd, huh?

    Like Military Intelligence... or Business ethics...