Tuesday, April 11, 2006


"Hey Dad...What's the big deal with George Bush leaking?"

"Well... son, everyone seems to be missing the point, arguing about whether it was or wasn't illegal. The bottom line is that it was a scumbag thing to do."


"Well... President Bush was trying to talk Americans into letting him start a war in Iraq and he gave us all kind of reasons for it. Now we know that none of them were true. Saddam never had anything to do with 9-11, he didn't have Weapons of Mass Destruction, he didn't have any "Mobile Biological Weapons trailers, and he wasn't on his way to having nuclear weapons."

" Remember President Bush's scary litlte "Mushroom Cloud" speech?


"Well... at the time George Bush was telling his boogieman stories, his flunkies were making a big deal about some documents that they said proved that Saddam was trying to buy uranium yellow cake from the country if Niger, and had these aluminum tubes that were going to be used to process it into a bomb...but it wasn't true. None of it was. And not only that, but lot's of people knew none of it was true and said so, and by pointing out that the President of the United States was a lying S.O.B. who was gonna screw things up royally and get a bunch of good American sons and daughters killed, these people who should have been called patriots were given another name by the President's people...Enemies!"

"Who were they?"

"Well...A bunch of British scientists pointed out that Bush's mobile weapons labs were actually gas generators for weather balloons (they had sold the danged things to him in the first place). An American named Scott Ritter pointed out that he had led the United Nations team of inspectors who had decided that there was no way Saddam could hide any WMD's from them, and they were actually inside Iraq when Bush said he was going to start bombing Iraq because Saddam had thrown the inspectors out of the country. Several American metallurgists said the aluminum tubes could never be used to make weapons grade uranium, and a loyal Republican named Joseph Wilson said he had been over to the Middle East and that the documents that Bush claimed proved Saddam was trying to buy uranium were, in fact, forgeries."

"I've heard of Joe Wilson"

"How about Valerie Plame?"

"The CIA lady?"



"Well...This is the part that shows what true scumbags the Bush and Cheney really are. George Bush and Dick Cheney already knew that they were making their case for war with information that was bogus. Bush was trying to talk Americans into send their children off to war, and some of them were going to die, and he was telling lies to do it. See, if you say something you believe is true and it turns out later not to be true, you are mistaken, If you say something to get your way, and it turns out later that it isn't true, and it also turns out later that you knew it wasn't true at the time...You are a liar!"

"Well...Joseph Wilson committed a brave act. He said to America, 'President Bush has said something that is not true and he knows it, and if you believe him, Americans will die for the wrong reason.'"

"Well...So President George Bush was caught in a lie, but that wasn't the most scumbag thing that he did. Caught in a lie, President Bush got back at Joe Wilson by ruining the career, not of Joe Wilson...Bush is much too cowardly to try that...he ruined the career of Joe Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame. And then he made it look like Dick Cheney did it...And Dick Cheney made it look like Scooter Libby did it...And Scooter Libby got arrested for lying to a Federal prosecuter trying to make it look like he DIDN'T do it...But they all did it."

"President Bush lied. Vice President Cheney lied. Scooter Libby lied. Joe Wilson told the truth."

A couple of hundred thousand people died...Some of them were the children of people like Cindy Sheehan, who still asks the same question that we should have been asking before we ever went to war...


Why did we go to war?

Why didn't we stop it?



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