Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I like to Ride my Bicycle, I love to ride my Bike,

So what do you do if you're the Prez and you have the country running perfectly?

I mean the National debt is through the roof (more than all the other presidents combined) but your very good friends, the Saudis and the Chinese are happy to hold your need to worry about them being Dictators and Communists.

The war in Iraq is going so well, you're thinking that you need another one in Iran. And just to show what a great person you are, you're thinking of breaking the greatest taboo in world history...first use of a nuclear weapon against a sovreignnation, whose biggest transgression was to not be conquered by Iraq when your Daddy was backing Saddam.

I mean Iraq is well in hand, right? Infrastructure levels are still below prewar levels, American troops are being dismembered and killed on a daily basis, and the local Al Queda guy seems to have his own TV show.

And your immigration plan is working well, too. You cut the resources out from under the border patrol so millions of mexicans got though, stopped the immigration authorities from enforcing the laws against employing illegal workers so your business buddies could rack up big time, and now you get to use it as a campaign issue about how you're going to take charge and fix a problem you caused in the first place.... Cool!

Now you're going to investigate the problem with gas costing so much that it now eats over 20% of the income of nearly a third of the population of America. This shouldn't take too much time...All you have to do is have Cheney drop off the minutes of his "Energy Task Force" on his way through town between hunting trips.

(Memo to self: Give Shooter back his copy of "The Most Dangerous Game"...I'm solving problems so fast I don't have time to read it, anyway)

And the environment is toast anyway so there's no need to worry about that can use gas prices to authorize the EPA to suspend air quality rules, too, now that you think about it.

The people cheer your accomplishments wherever you go.

(Did you like the one that said... "Impeach the Bastards"?):

So with things going so well, what do you do? You take a little mountain bike ride, all peaceful like, out in the wilderness:

President Bush woke up early and rode his mountain bike along the Clara Burgess Trail to the top of Murray Hill, which affords a spectacular view of the Coachella Valley and Little San Bernardino Mountains.

The trail is considered strenuous for riding, with a 500-foot elevation gain. The total round-trip was a little more than 7 miles.

“He said it was a pretty tough terrain, but he enjoyed it,” Press Secretary Scott McClellan said...

There's a little problem with President bike boy's ride on the morning after Earth Day:

...Jim Foote, acting manager of the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument, said the Clara Burgess trail is also among those monument managers ask people to avoid part of the year to prevent disrupting endangered Peninsular bighorn sheep.

The trail is one of about 10 in the monument under a “voluntary avoidance” program. People are asked to stay off the Clara Burgess trail from Jan. 1 to June 30 during the sheep lambing season, he said.

Hey! You're the President...You wanna wipe out a species or two in the name of having a good time...Well no one's gonna stop you. And actually, how much damage can your little bike cause, Disregarding the eight big black SUV's that followed along the dirt road behind you?

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