Friday, April 28, 2006

Vengence is Mine...

With the advent of DNA testing, over 100 people...People who were convicted and sentenced to death by the Courts of our land...Over 100 people have been found to have been wrongly convicted and sentenced to die. Convicted of crimes they did not commit.

Can you say, "Innocent" boys and girls?

For myself, I do not want any government killing people on my behalf. Put them away until they die. Sure it cost money but so does an execution. About the same in today's society...and locking people up instead of killing them does something else...

It takes away the possibility of misuse by our government.

Prosecutorial misconduct has been dicovered time after time in cases of this sort. Pressure on the American Justice system is exerted from many directions, but the most heinous is the pressure to convict someone at all costs from within.

There is no question that we have executed innocent people in America...No Question, whatsoever.

But there's more to this than just innocence and wrongful killing...Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia says that the condemmed can suffer immensely as they die. It's just fine with him.

A good god fearing man, apparently, Justice Scalia. He and the other conservative judges laughed about methods of killing prisoners as they sat in deliberation on the bench of the highest court of our Nation.

The recent Bush appointees laughed along. amused that there are laws against cruelty that prevent certain methods being used to kill a stray mongrel dog but those same methods can be used to execute a human.

Our Conservative Justices seem to like the idea of Torture.




High Court Justices Clash Over Executions

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  1. You said it well. There's no margin for error with that kind of stuff.