Saturday, April 22, 2006

Saturday Funnies (Earth Day Edition)

No more lost wetlands, eh? Damned amazing!

The Bush Administration is focused on achieving meaningful results - cleaner air and water, and healthier lands and wildlife habitats.

The nation's air is much cleaner today than it was in 1970 and progress will continue.

The trend of annual loss of wetlands has been reversed.

Restoration and redevelopment of abandoned industrial sites is accelerating.

President Bush is meeting his commitment to reduce the National Park Service maintenance backlog.

From the United States government website we learn these amazing things that they are doing to save the environment...

But wait...there's a little more to this story brought to us by the truth tellers of America...No, not the media, silly...Our comedians.

" The Bush administration says they want to declare all golf course water hazards as protected wetlands. It's part of their plan to save restricted country clubs." --David Letterman

And the air is not cleaner. That's simply a lie. Was has happened is that the EPA doesn't measure air quality nearly as effectively any more. The sampling rate has plummeted.

It's kinda like the "Texas Miracle" in education...never happened. They cooked the test scores then and they're cooking the results now.

The stupidest thing I saw this weekend was a man being interviewed by CNN as he pumped gas into his vehicle. He was complaining about gas prices as he pumped and pumped and pumped.

"The government just isn't doing all it can to find enough oil," he said. That was the quote shown on TV. Well I can double the amount of gas available. Yep, me personally. The man who was complaining was pumping gas into his Chevrolet Suburban, a monster SUV that gets 15 miles to the gallon if you're careful.

What a twit!




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