Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Some of the best stuff out there comes from the comments.

Here's Gordon:

As for abstinence, it may be a bit backwards, but as near as I can tell the best way to practice it is to get married. Have some kids, live a normal, over-busy life, and any sexual relations beyond a quick hug and tickle are to be treasured and recorded.

Well, maybe not recorded.

And why do we need to practice it? Sex should be practiced, but not doing it is pretty easy to get right.

And your take on Judas was fine. I wonder when the other "lost" gospels will be discovered. Talk about not toeing the party line! Not that any of this will make any difference whatsoever. Its not about history, facts, or even alternate views. Its much more about being spoon-fed, and a nice set of comfortable beliefs.

Sam said:

I have been waiting to see exactly when we would start seeing the type of propagana that wins elections. I knew it would come.... so it has started, 1) around Easter weekend, and, 2) 6 1/2 months before the elections. I wonder why this timing.

I have been in the home of a Southern Baptist who was told that they need to learn about other religions and so they read a book they were given by their pastor that says Unitarianism is a cult.

So... these people (and there are so many of them) are not the target of a campaign of reason. We can't say to them... OK folks, the Republicans have now started their Nov. campaign, and they are going to make you temporarily forget about the war and supply-side economics, they are going to remind you about gay marriage for 6.5 months.

Jim said:

Honestly, I can't remember when it was this bad, I'm not sure Nixon was this bad , maybe he was and I just don't remember...

Steve said:

Oh Wow, Man...Nixon was like the Sixties, I think...Don't you remember?


Steve also said

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