Saturday, April 01, 2006

Picture of "----You"

My! Don't we live in an interesting world?

A charming little story arose out of the visit to a Boston Catholic church by that paragon of eclesiastic virtue, Antonin Scalia, known to his close associates as "Yo, Tony!"

So Tony Scalia is a Supreme Court justice, right? and his vote counts more than yours so you better suck up or pay big, right? Well Tony goes to this church for mass and mabe some confession, just like the mobsters do after they whack someone.

You know the drill...Do something bad, go to church, confess all, make a big donation, receive absolution, and reload, right?

Tony loves guns, is afraid of being recorded, and thinks orgies are a fine way to let off some steam. He got his picture taken making a little Italian finger sign for...well, the same thing the finger sign usually means. Just to be sure the photographer knew what the sign meant, Tony said, "F--- You" at the same time, to make sure there was no missing his meaning. So we got a good christian man saying "F--- You" in church and this good christian man happens to be a Supreme Court Justice, so the reporter thinks this might be a news item.

"Aw, shucks," said the right wing mouth pieces. "Tony didn't actually mean 'F-u'," and it doesn't matter if he did because he's a god fearing Republican and he gave W the Presidency back in 2000. See? It's OK if a Republican does it.

So now comes the burning question of the moment: Who's the bad guy in this picture?

...The guy who say's "F-U" in church or the guy who takes a picture of the guy who says "F-U" in church who was working for the church but now he isn't because they fired him for printing the picture of the guy who said "F-U" in church while he was making an Italian sign for "F-U" in church?

Why, the messenger, of course.



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